Secure Backup
Your business data is protected.

Data is stored off-site and can quickly be restored.

Can be deployed immediately without the need for costly and complex software or hardware solutions.

Runs in the background according to your required schedule.

Data Privacy & Protection
Data is encrypted and can only be accessed by authorized users.

One Simplified Solution
Protect PC, Laptop and server data.

If you lose data due to a significant negative event, such as equipment theft, will your business survive?
Any information pertaining to your business operations is vital. Irrespective of whether it is client or sales records, financial information, databases or email communication, you rely on this data to remain competitive.

CloudProtect is a cloud-based data management solution which allows you to Backup, Archive and Recover your data, either through direct use of the Client Platform or as a Managed Service.


Backup, Store and Recover your data, either through direct use of the Client Platform or as a Managed Service.

We offer a free 30 day trial to all new clients.

Key Features

Simplified Administration

Client Platform is accessed via web console to set parameters and manage backups.

Managed Services

Remote monitoring, managing and administrating of data backups. Data is backed-up and protected without the cost or complexity of owning infrastructure or managing resources.


Flexible Cost-Effective Options


Data Loss Prevention


Efficient Data Transfer


Free Technical Support


Automated Alerts


24/7 Accessibility

Information back-up for any size business without the high cost or complexity of on-site solutions.

backup and protection of critical information


usage-based costing model

Easy to Use

access the protected data anywhere and anytime using a web portal or mobile app

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What do you get?
  • Source-side deduplication so only new and changed data is backed up, reducing bandwidth requirements
  • Secure access to encrypted data
  • Automated alerts and reporting
  • Secure file sharing
  • Privacy of data
  • 24/7 access to your backed up data via web console or mobile app
  • Data retention for a 30-day period
Do you run an IT services business?
Do you want to provide CloudProtect to your clients?

Become a CloudProtect Reseller and grow your business income on a monthly basis by offering your clients the best solution to protect their data and their business.

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CloudProtect Options

Select an option with the features, support and cost factors best aligned to address your backup needs.

Features Client Platform Managed Services
  Client manages backup environment and CloudProtect provides reactive support. CloudProtect manages the entire back up environment proactively.
Access to Self-Service Portal
Automated Alerts
Daily Backup Summary Reports
Mobile App Access
Detailed Billing
Monitoring of Backup Jobs Via Self-Service Portal
Unexpected Backup Resolution Reactive - Client Logs a Ticket
Backup Scheduling & Changes Via Self-Service Portal
Data Recovery / Restore Via Self-Service Portal
Content Management & Changes Via Self-Service Portal
Installation – Initial Implementation & Configuration Contact Us for a Quote Contact Us for a Quote

Here is what a few of our clients have to say about CloudProtect.

Christiaan Hattingh
AWCape Divisional Director of Systems Integration

“CloudProtect’s service is excellent and their pricing is very competitive. Their reputation for service excellence and support is one of the reasons we approached them for our backup and recovery needs.”

Dave Parmenter
DDP Consulting

“As a reseller, I can have meaningful cloud based data protection conversations with potential clients, knowing that this solution is cost effective, simple to deploy, easy to manage and, most importantly, facilitates seamless data recovery in time of loss. An insurance policy that is worth its weight in gold.”

Francois Castelyn
Nerds on Site SA Director

“CloudProtect addresses a clear and growing need in the market. It adds immense value to our customers in terms of increasing the security and recoverability of their data, especially as ransomware attacks continue to take their toll.”

The Benefits

The host of benefits offered by the CloudProtect system will never leave you wanting more.

How it Works

Protect your data with CloudProtect, a robust, secure and user-friendly cloud-based data backup solution for PC’s, laptops and servers, which can be used across all operating systems and within any size business.

30 Day Free Trial

If you are a new client, why not experience a free 30-day trial?

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